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Can you name the most successful movies starting with B?

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Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
2009/Sandra Bullock256.0
1989/Michael Keaton251.2
2003/Jim Carrey242.8
2012/Kelly MacDonald (voice)237.3
1984/Eddie Murphy234.8
2007/Matt Damon227.4
2014/TJ Miller (voice)222.5
1985/Michael J. Fox210.6
2005/Christian Bale205.3
1995/Val Kilmer184.0
2004/Matt Damon176.2
2001/Russell Crowe170.7
2011/Kristen Wiig169.1
1999/Adam Sandler163.5
1992/Michael Keaton162.8
1998/Kevin Spacey (voice)162.8
1987/Eddie Murphy153.7
1991/Paige O'Hara (voice)145.9
1999/Heather Donahue140.5
2003/Will Smith138.6
2003/Steve Martin132.7
Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
2006/Sacha Baron Cohen128.5
2007/Renee Zellweger (voice)126.6
1996/Robin Williams124.0
1992/Kevin Costner122.0
2002/Matt Damon121.7
1974/Cleavon Little119.5
2006/Jennifer Aniston118.7
2007/Will Ferrell118.6
1989/Michael J. Fox118.4
1992/Sharon Stone117.7
2000/Martin Lawrence117.5
1988/Tom Hanks115.0
2008/John Travolta (voice)114.0
2012/Jeremy Renner113.2
2008/Adam Sandler110.1
2001/Josh Hartnett108.6
1997/George Clooney107.3
2010/Natalie Portman107.0
1969/Paul Newman102.3
2011/Cameron Diaz100.3

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