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Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
2009/Sam Worthington749.8
2012/Chris Evans623.4
2015/Chris Hemsworth459.0
2014/Bradley Cooper350.1
2010/Mia Wasikowska334.2
2012/Andrew Garfield262.0
2009/Jason Lee219.6
1992/Robin Williams (voice)217.3
2007/Jason Lee217.3
2002/Mike Myers213.3
1999/Mike Myers206.0
2014/Emma Stone202.9
1998/Bruce Willis201.6
2015/Paul Rudd180.2
1997/Harrison Ford173.0
1995/Tom Hanks172.0
2013/Christian Bale150.1
1997/Helen Hunt148.5
Year/StarMovieBox Office in Millions
2001/Jason Biggs145.1
2012/Ben Affleck136.0
2003/Adam Sandler135.6
2009/Tom Hanks133.4
2011/Justin Long (voice)133.1
1999/Annette Bening130.1
2007/Denzel Washington130.1
2013/Will Ferrell125.2
1978/John Belushi120.1
1973/Richard Dreyfuss115.0
1991/Raul Julia113.5
1995/Jim Carrey108.4
1999/Robert De Niro 106.9
2003/Jason Biggs104.5
2004/Leonardo DiCaprio102.6
1999/Jason Biggs102.5
1970/Burt Lancaster100.5

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