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Can you name the superheroes and supervillans with the word MAN within their names?

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Alter EgoManAffiliation/Enemy
Hank Pyn/Scott LangAvengers
Katar Hol/Carter HallJustice League
Clark KentJustice League
Simon WilliamsAvengers
Bobby DrakeX-Men
Bruce WayneJustice League
N/AFantastic Four
Peter ParkerAvengers
Jamie MadroxX-Men
Tony StarkAvengers
Luke CageDefenders/Avengers
N/AFantastic Four
Boris Bullski/Kondrati TopolovAvengers
Alter EgoManAffiliation/Enemy
Flint Marko/Sylvester MannAvengers
Carl CreelMasters of Evil
Orson KarloffFantastic Four
Ralph RobertsX-Men
Arthur CurryJustice League
Boston BrandJustice League
Buddy BakerJustice League
Dan Richards/Paul Kirk/Mark ShawSuicide Squad
Robert CraneAll-Star Squadron
Ralph DibnyJustice League
Winslow Schott/Jack NimballLegion of Doom
Julian Gregory DayThe Misfits
Chen Lu/NAThe Simpsons/Masters of Evil

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