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Can you name the geography within the brand names?

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Brand NamePlaceClue
________Largest rainforest in the world
___________Ecoregion in southern Chile and Argentina
_______ FogUK's capital city
_____ FoxNorthern pole
_______ DryThe world's second largest country
_________Northwestern river/District of.../British...
Ocean ________Largest ocean
_______ Wild WingsCity in the state of New York
__________ Coat FactoryVermont's largest city
______ SunFamous Italian island on the Bay of Naples
_______'s NaturalU.S. state
____ FilmSacred mount in Japan
________-PacificSouthern State/Former USSR republic
________ Fried Chicken (KFC)Southeastern U.S. state
________Nebraska's capital city
____ ____ LifeThe Big Apple
Old __ _____Border city in Texas
Old _________Wisconsin's largest city
Royal ___________North American sea
___________ BankCantabria's capital city, Spain
_______ AirlinesThe Northern Frontier
_______ MarketMassachusetts capital city
_________Mexican state bordering the Gulf of Mexico
______ Roadhouse/InstrumentsThe largest of the contiguous 48 states
_______'s SecretSeychelles capital city/Canadian city
_____ TodayThe world's fourth largest country
Wells ______North Dakota's largest city
_____ CascadeIdaho's capital city
Bank of _______USA
Air _______Middle-Eastern country
_______'s Best CoffeeWashington's largest city
Mutual of _______Nebraska's largest city
__________ Pizza KitchenThe U.S. third largest state
Air _______European nation

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