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ClueAcron/Abbr/InitStands For
A: Swedish pop group
A: Viral disease contracted through sexually/intravenously
B: Large Spain-based banking corporation
B: Infamous banking corporation based of London
D: International program against drug use
E: English program for non-English speakers
F: Infamous Colombian guerrilla group
F: Organization that safeguards account deposits
H: Internet protocol found on the address bar
H: Better image quality television
H: American TV channel specialized in home improvement
H: Standard used to create web pages
I: System for registering/coding books
L: Internet slang for much chuckles
L: Trilogy directed by Peter Jackson
L: Exam taken to get into law school
M: Association the rates films
ClueAcron/Abbr/InitStands For
M: Slang for a hot/attractive mother
M: American rock/pop band known for single hit 'Kids'
N: Law enforcement organization in the Big Apple
N: Organization that regulates college athletes
N: Laws regarding the protection of the environment
N: American stock market corporation
O: UFO in Spanish
O: Organization that deals with employees safety
R: Army organization that deals with college students
S: University in the Big Apple
S: AIDS in Spanish
T: Media franchise about four amphibians
U: American mail delivery system
U: Large university in California
U: Agency that deals with farming, food, etc.
U: Large university in Nevada
U: The 'Fly-boys''organization

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