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Can you name the four-letter acronym/abbreviation/initialism A-Z V.2.0?

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HintAnswerMeaning/Stands For
A: Quickly
B: Largest chemical company in the world based off Germany
C: The Soviet Union in Russian
D: Slang for hot, attractive father
E: American tv channel and magazine
F: American emergency aid organization
G: Higher education adaptive exam
H: British multinational banking corporation
I: American sit-down restaurant chain
K: One of the four largest professional services companies in the world
HintAnswerMeaning/Stands For
L: Community of alternative sexual persuasion
M: Nonprofit organization that involves mothers
N: Economic alliance on the northern hemisphere
O: Organization that involves oil
R: From the French reply please
S: Swedish car manufacturing company
T: Common expression about the last business day of the week
U: Another name for the Soviet Union
Y: Worldwide organization involving young men
X: Mobile communication standard

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