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Can you name the four-letter acronym/initialism A-Z?

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ClueAcron/Abbr/InitStands For
A: Non-governmental organization that deals with retired people
B: De facto standard defining a firmware interface
C: Music club in Manhattan
D: American fashion house for men and women
E: United States of America acronym in Spanish
F: World professional football (soccer) organization
G: Company with limited liability in German
H: Type of connection for blu ray players
I: Website dedicated to film information
J: Method of compressing digital images
K: City of the Chiefs and Royals
L: Law enforcement entity in a Californian city
M: Proposed value of a product
ClueAcron/Abbr/InitStands For
N: Organization that deals with space
O: Nato in Spanish, French, and Portuguese
P: Organization that defends/protects animals from humans
Q: Motorola, Atari, Sinclair, and Seattle Computer Products operating system
R: Organization that represents the recording industry
S: Paramilitary unit in many law-enforcement agencies around the world
T: Internet slang for goodbye
U: Organization for professional football in Europe
V: Input/output of video
W: Second War
X: Three times large
Y: Internet slang for the irrevocability of death
Z: Continuous and distinctive band of stars

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