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Can you name the five-letter acronym/abbreviation/initialism A-Z?

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ClueAcro/Abbr/InitMeaning/Stands For
Organization that protects animals from humans
British Oscars
Cable TV channel
Government research agency
Type of artificial satellites
Society of biologists
Gay and lesbian organization
Insurance act
Italian industrial vehicle manufacturing company
L band TDMA network radio used by the U.S. and its allies
German industrial rock, metal, and electronic band
Device that emits light
ClueAcro/Abbr/InitMeaning/Stands For
American TV channel specialized in news
Economic alliance between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada
Agency specialized in education and rehabilitation
Combat helmet and ballistic vest formerly used by the military
Telescope located in Chile
System for detecting objects
Type of diving
Exam foreigners must pass to attend college in the U.S.
Government agency specialized in vehicles
Part of the brain
Military research institution in Maryland

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