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Can you name the five-letter acronym/abbreviation/initialism?

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Letter/ClueAcron/Abbr/InitMeaning/Stands For
A-Oscar's academy
A-Organization in Australia and New Zealand
A-Organization that protects artists copyrights
A-Aluminum company
B-Emerging national economies alliance
E-Theme-park in Florida
H-A type of webpage
L-American pop band and internet slang
Letter/ClueAcron/Abbr/InitMeaning/Stands For
N-American organization specialized in jobs/traits
N-American pop boy band
R-A device to purify water
S-Military slang
S-A literature/film genre and a cable TV channel
T-Association of teachers of English for non English speakers
U-American agency specialized in education
U-American agency specialized in intelligence

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