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Can you name the countries with the largest, longest, tallest, etc. manmade features?

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Tallest Building
Tallest Church
Biggest Church
Biggest Mall
Biggest University (Area)
Biggest Government Building
Biggest Military Building
Biggest Movie Theater
Biggest Swimming Pool
Biggest City Square
Biggest Cemetery
Largest Ski Resort
Longest Bridge
Largest Port
Biggest Market
Biggest Stadium/Field
Biggest Amusement Park
Biggest Hotel
Biggest Hospital
Biggest Prison
Biggest Restaurant
Biggest Museum
Biggest Library
Biggest Castle
Biggest Palace
Biggest Casino
Biggest Monument
Biggest Conference Center
Biggest Bus Station
Biggest Airport
Biggest Train Station
Biggest Speedway
Biggest Subway Station
Biggest Zoo
Biggest Planetarium
Biggest Observatory
Biggest Aquarium
Biggest Store
Biggest Apple Store
Biggest Lego Store
Biggest Movie Studio
Biggest Dam
Tallest Bridge
Biggest Monastery
Biggest Bookstore
Tallest Telecommunications Tower
Largest University (Enrollment)
Industrial Building
Biggest Mosque
Longest Cable Car

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