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Can you name the words ending in Zo?

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Famous volcano in Ecuador
Town in California and Italian saint
Mixed European and native American person
Region in central Italy
A stupid, rude, insignificant man
Hotel in Las Vegas and palace in Italian
Unleavened bread traditionally eaten by the Jewish community
Female singing voice ranging between a soprano and a contralto
A type of beans
A person who suffers of a mental disorder where reality is hard to tell
Celebrity photographers
Composition between other musical or dramatical pieces
The Princess Diaries actress Heather....
City in Venezuela and dungeon in Spanish
City in Tuscany, Italy
Pork sausages within the Spanish-speaking world
March in Spanish
Italian for boy
One of the islands of Malta; joy in Spanish
Tibeto-Burman peoples also known as Zo and Kuki
Orange Is the New Black actress _____ Aduba
Popular Italian boys name and Ferrari's founder
Italian-American author famous for The Godfather Mario...

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