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Can you name the words ending in W from A-Z?

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ClueWord Letter
DC Comics' Green______A
Madonna's Take a ______B
Mad ______ diseaseC
____ Jones Industrial Average IndexD
The sound of disgust E
A _____ Good MenF
To develop and get biggerG
______ the Grinch Stole ChristmasH
Your spouse's direct relativesI
To have knowledgeK
Rules, ordinances, and actsL
ClueWord Letter
What a cat sayM
Something/someone not seen/known beforeN
A criminal in the old daysO
The hands and feet of cats, dogs, and other animalsP
Not cooked/steamed/baked/boiled, etc.R
Infamous American horror film franchiseS
_____-away ZoneT
The opposite of screwU
Commitments or promises made at the altarV
The sound of being impressedW
The color or bananas Y

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