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QUIZ: Can you name the words ending in Vo?

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American TV channel and Italian expression
City in Utah
Bosnia Herzegovina's capital city
Country in Europe
Swedish car manufacturer brand
Madagascar's capital city
Benin's capital city
Oblast and city in Russia
Oblast and city in Russia
Mexican tequila brand Jose ________
Smallest unit of the peso
Contagious virus that affects dogs
Original name of the game Battleship
Short for servomechanism
A type of knife and Island of the Azores
City in Vojvodina, Serbia
City in Raska, Serbia
City in Podunavlje, Serbia
City in Kolubara, Serbia
City in Macedonia
Chinese computer technology company
Music videos hosting service usually associated with YouTube
Operatic pop vocal group Il _______
City in Saratov Oblast, Russia
New in Spanish
Danish multinational pharmaceutical company ________ Nordisk
A digital video recorder top brand

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