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Can you name the words ending in vi?

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City in Michigan and second largest city in Serbia; ...Sad
Popular Turkish brand of Jeans in America
Biblical male name and Mr....Strauss
Famous fountain in Rome and city in Umbria, Italy
Ruling house of Iran from 1925-1979 abolished by the Iranian Revolution
Famous Italian engineer/architect; Piere Luigi...
I saw in Spanish and number six in Roman numerals
I lived in Spanish and Short for Vivianne/Viviana
Language and people from James Cameron's Avatar film
Spanish footballer name and short for Xavier
Audio video interleave and American author of children literature
American actor known for 'The Goonies' Robert...
Short for Javier or Javiera
American singer, actor Jon Bon....
Garmin's GPS system brand/model
Rudyard Kipling's short story Rikki-Tikki-...

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