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European nation, former USSR republic
The Czech Republic's third largest city
Slovakia's capital city
Popeye's love interest
Tropical fruit found in the Americas
Island of Indonesia, and software company
City in Sacramento County, California
Under the Tuscan Sun Italian actor Raoul ______
Spanish architect Santiago __________ famous for his Turning Torso building
A stellar explosion that briefly outshines a galaxy
Another name for maniot or mandioca
Fiji's capital city
Rivers that runs through Prague, Czech Republic
River next to where Riga, Latvia is located
Brazilian musical style
River that runs through Belgrade, Zagreb, and Ljubljana
River that runs through St. Petersburg, Russia
Port city in Andalusia, Spain
Switzerland's second largest city
Large city in central Ukraine
Molten rock expelled from a volcano eruption
Most common surname in Portuguese speaking countries
Canadian province _____ Scotia
A famous often 'demanding' female celebrity
Famous 18th century Italian womanizer
Another word for a ski mask
Belgian chocolate company
Ottoman pastry found today in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, etc.
Las Vegas anthem made famous by Elvis Presley, ______Las Vegas
One of the main deities of Hinduism; the supreme god
Juvenile stage for many insects or amphibians before metamorphosis
Russian prima ballerina Anna ________ and type or meringue desert
Russian tennis player Maria ____________
Russian tennis player Anna ____________
City in Alaska
Proper medical term for gums
Italian name of the city known as Genoa in English
Russian tennis player Martina _____________
Capital city of the Huila department in Colombia
The mucous membrane that cover the eye
Jewish institution that studies the Torah and the Talmud
The Roman goddess of wisdom
One of the greatest ballet dancers Galina __________
Article of clothing worn by men and women in Polynesian cultures
Golden Era actress known for Salome and Since You Went Away, Alla __________
First woman to ever flight in space, Valentina __________
American watch brand
One of the Russian republics bordering Mongolia
Romania's sixth largest city
'Hell of a' alternative spelling
Golden Era actress _____ Gardner
Given name of famous ladies such as Mendez, Green, and Longoria
Thomas _____ Edison

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