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QUIZ: Can you name the words ending in tu?

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Island nation in Oceania
Capital city of Wallis and Futuna
Second largest city in Estonia
Languages and people of Subsaharan Africa
You and yours in Spanish
Skirt worn as a costume in a ballet performance
12th century city in Mali and World Heritage Site
Done without being planned, organized, or rehearsed
Tattoo in Spanish and Russian pop band known for single hit 'All the Things She Said'
African ethnic group in the DRC, Rwanda, and Burundi
Venomous pit viper found in parts of South America also known as crossed pit viper
Infamous vampire made famous by Max Schreck
The International Telecommunication Union
Machiavelli's concept centered in the martial spirit and ability of a population or leader
Latin phrase meaning in site or in place
Arkansas Tech University
Sun god in Sumerian mythology
The Simpsons' character Disco....
Will Ferrell's Zoolander character

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