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Can you name the words ending in tti?

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French car manufacturer of high-performance autombiles
Italian-American world champion racing driver Mario __________
Most popular type of Italian pasta
Worldwide famous Italian tenor Luciano ___________
Small pieces of colored paper used for parades and celebrations
Italian type of very large pasta tubes
Bulgarian-British Nobel Prize in Literature Elias ________
Italian-American composer known for his Christmas opera Amahl and the Night Visions Gian Carlo ________
Italian term that literally means all together
Little Richard's 50's song with an Italian name including the term referred to above
Classical Italian composer Francesco Antonio _________
Swiss sculptor found on the 100 Swiss Franc banknote Alberto ____________
Italian type of filled egg pasta
Name of famous ladies such as LaBelle, LuPone, and Smith
Italian composer famous for his bel canto opera style Gaetano __________
Largest city in Samara Oblast, Russia

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