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Can you name the words ending in Ti?

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Mythical Himalayan creature
French Polynesia famous Island
North American French-speaking country
Italian motorcycle manufacturer
Texan city on the Gulf of Mexico shore
Third largest city in Ohio
Italian luxury car manufacturer
American banking/finance corporation
African country off the costa of the Gulf of Aden
Oceania's country with Tarawa as its capital city
Atoll/capital city of Vanuatu
Plural for cactus
Illic writing(s) or drawing(s) on an public place
Finland's 8th largest city and American actress Christine ________
Moldova's second largest city
Highly urbanized city within the Metro Manila, Philippines
Romania's 8th largest city and main Danube River port
Romania's 9th largest city
Capital city of the Arges County, Romania
American singer/actress known for hit single 'Foolish'
an Enlightenment-era secret society both real and fictitious
Against/opposed to something prefix
Incan Sun-God
A native of Gujarat, India; their language and culture
Famous Italian family of luthiers (violin makers)
Name for several rodents found in most of the Americas and Antilles
Any wine produced in the Eponymous region of central Tuscany
Cuban national hero and famous Modernist writer Jose______
Renaissance Italian Man Leon Battista _______
Diurnal mammal of the raccoon family native to the Americas
East Asian type of painting also known as ink wash painting
Great Royal Wife of Akhenaten Pharaoh
Another name for an elk
Part of the hearing system organ of ______ or spiral organ
Italian manufacturer of fine fountain pens
Famous geographical region of Tanzania and Kenya and National Park in Tanzania
Nissan's luxury vehicle brand
American composer famous for the Rocky series score Bill ______
Liechtenstein's manufacturer of construction and mining industries products
The Romani people of Central Europe (gypsies)
Michelangelo's surname
Twin Peaks American composer Angelo ____________

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