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Sea in the North Atlantic Ocean
City in Texas
Port city in Chile, and city in Indiana
One of the world's most renowned painters
Second largest city in Burkina _____
Line of healthy canned soups
Italian type of coffee
Country in Africa
Derogatory term to refer to someone who is overweight
Loop of rope use by cowboys
Japanese seasoning made out of fermented soybeans
The currency of several Latin American countries including Mexico, Colombia, and Chile
Too, on top of that
Bear in Spanish
Greek nymph daughter of Atlas, color
Central part of the human body
Cuban actress and singer Maria Conchita ________
CSI Miami's American actor David ________
That 70's Show's character played by Ashton Kutcher, Michael _________
Someone related to the mob
A condition attached to an agreement
16th century Italian poet Torquato _______
A person highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit
A Toyota model for its Yaris and Corolla; mini MPV
Brazilian state bordering Bolivia
Mali's second largest city
Therefore, then; English adverb and conjunction
City in Norway
Breed of dog originally from the Tibet, Lhasa _______
Spanish name for the Spanish Hound; ________ Espanol
Cheese in Spanish
City in Boyaca, Colombia
City in Veneto, Italy
City in Molise, Italy
ESPN's College GameDay featured analyst Lee _________
International trade name for ExxonMobil
Gravity's Mexican director __________ Cuaron
Nightcrawler's American actress Rene _______
Academy Award Italian film Cinema _________
Red wine in Italian

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