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Can you name the words ending in Si?

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Georgia's capital city
One of the four Greater Sunda Islands in Indonesia
A city in Bolivia and State and city in Mexico, San Luis _______
Avatar's actor Giovanni ________
One of the most popular soft drinks in the world
The predominant language spoken in Iran
City in India also known as Benares or Kashi
Ghana's second largest city
Large city in eastern Heilongjiang, China
Georgia's second largest city
One of the largest cities in Romania
The 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet
Ethnic group of the African Great Lakes
South African film and Academy Award winner
Seemingly, apparently but not really
Famous Romanian modernist sculptor
City in Apulia, Italy
Solo dance popular in the 60's and African cattle breed, Ankole __________
Another spelling for the predominant language of Iran
Horror films star Bela _________
Heroes' Japanese actor ________ Oka
American politician Nancy ________
Argentine soccer player Lionel _________
Austrian film starred by Romy Schneider
One of the largest Indonesian cities on the island of Java
City in Italy made famous by Saint Francis
City in western Ukraine
One of the most common surnames in Italy, plural for red in Italian
Italian actress Virna _______
Yes and if in Spanish

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