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Disney's Frozen's ice princess
Mad Max character played by Tina Turner and Charlize Theron, Imperator ________
The Lion King's Simba's father
Pirates of the Caribbean fictional character played by Geoffrey Rush
Arizona's second largest city
Oklahoma's second largest city
Ukraine's third largest city and city in Texas
City in the state of Parana, Brazil
New York's high fashion house
Bart Simpson's sister
Da Vinci's smiling lady
Italian city famous for its leaning tower
Giovanni Ribisi's sister and actress _______ Ribisi
U.S. space agency
Government organization infamous for recording americans' phone call conversations
Google's photography software
Opel, Chevrolet, and Ferrari car models
Credit card company and the permit to enter a country
The good ole U.S. of A
Famous constellations _____ Minor and Major
Somalia's second largest city, capital of Somaliland
DRC's capital city
Kenya's second largest city
Caribbean island disputed between the U.S. and Haiti
Former name for the island of Taiwan, and city/province in Argentina
Caribbean/latin dance and Mexican fresh side dish
Capital city of the Tibet
City and region of Greece (5th largest city)
Capital city of Tabasco state, Mexico
City in Catalonia, Spain (4th largest in Catalonia)
Turkey's four largest city, capital of the eponymous province
Given name of famous ladies such as Gilbert, Sue Anderson, and McCarthy
Su _____ es mi ______
Given name of famous ladies such as Williams, Paradis, and Redgrave
Given name of famous Albanian nun Mother _______
Greek mythology evil snakes for hair lady
City in Sonoma County, California
American civil rights activist known as 'the first lady of civil rights' _____ Parks
Cocktail made of champagne and orange juice
An international organization for people with high IQ
South African ethnic group made famous by Nelson Mandela
Butterfly in Spanish
Government organization involved in customs security
2008 Western film starred by Ed Harris and Viggo Mortensen
Shortened form of the name Elisabeth
Common name for a mucous membrane
Cat-like animal endemic to Madagascar and the horror of the lemurs in the Madagascar films
Famous Polish former president Lech ______
City in Alabama (5th largest)
Plant from which bamboo comes from
Palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the Middle East
Alternative spelling for the Indian state of Orisha
Princess in Spanish
Syracuse in its original Italian
Spanish-Peruvian 2010 Nobel Prize of Literature laureate Mario Vargas _____
Fictional ranch featured in the American western series Bonanza
Latin term that refers to human being mentally born with a blank slate
Nissan's car model
Spanish for dough
Border city in Tamaulipas, Mexico
American actress _______ Tomei
Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I
Shakira's 20111 hit single featuring Pitbull
British young actor known for Hugo and Ender's Game; ____ Butterfield
Brazilian music style ______ Nova
Thing or matter in Spanish and Italian; _____ Nostra

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