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Can you name the words ending in ru?

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Country in South America
From the Sanskrit teacher or master
Island nation in Oceania
Japanese car manufacturer brand
Lesotho's capital city
Lake between Zambia and Congo
City in Andhra Pradesh, India
Fourth largest city in Kenya
Large city in Malaysia
Large city in Kelantan, Malaysia
Star Wars' character who raised Luke Skywalker; Aunt...
Last Incan leader Tupac...
Shade of greyish-pale yellow
Large stork found in the Americas from Mexico to Argentina
Seaport in Shiribeshi, Hokkaido, Japan
Fifth largest city in Zimbabwe
Star Trek's Mr. Sulu given name
Parasitic freshwater catfish also known as toothpick or vampire fish
Metal from which Thor's hammer is made
Indigenous name for Ayers Rock in Australia
From the Swahili freedom, first satellite for X-ray astronomy
Alternative spelling for Bangalore

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