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Mix of dried naturally fragrant plant materials
African desert located in parts of Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa
Evil European vampire clan featured in the Twilight Saga
Famous Italian island in the Gulf of Naples and type of girls pants
Italian famous brand of racing and luxury cars
A guided trip into wild Africa and a popular internet browser
Famous Italian liqueur part of the Bitters type
Memento ______
Native people of New Zealand
Religious/philosophical movement from Jamaica
Apple Inc.'s personal assistant and knowledge navigator
Japanese consumer electronics and video games company
Southern U.S. state
Frisian exotic dancer executed by the French for spying for Germany
Japanese style of ritual suicide
Parks and Rec American-Indian actor Aziz ________
Inferno's Italian author Dante ________
Greece's seventh largest city part of the Athens metro area
Capital city of the Apulia region, Italy
Sardinia's capital city
Sardinia's second largest city
Japanese prefecture and its eponymous capital city
Japanese prefecture and its eponymous capital city
Thailand's second largest city
Turkey's 9th largest city located in Central Anatolia
Another word for squid from Italian
Educational approach/type of school characterized by an emphasis on independence
A national of Qatar
American actress/model ________ Belafonte
A female garment in the Indian subcontinent
People, language, and culture of the Bihar in India and Bangladesh
Cluster of symptoms primarily caused by a nutritional deficit in vitamin B1
Popular cocktail made out of rum, lime juice, and sugar
Name of famous ladies such as Petty, Singer, and Loughlin
British sports and racing car manufacturer
Elizabeth Banks film Zack and ______ Make a Porno
French luxury electric car manufacturer
Greek actress, singer, and politician Melina __________
Knowledge or justification that is independent of experience
Any of the stars or stars systems in the constellation Centaurus
American Pie series actress Mena _________
Italian jewelry and luxury goods brand
Italian luthier and crafter of stringed instruments, Antonio ___________
Italian luthier and rival in craftsmanship of the above mentioned
Desperate Housewives American actress ______ Hatcher
Somebody's Knocking hit single American country music artist ______ Gibbs
A native of Kashmir
First man to ever journey into outer space Russian cosmonaut ______ Gagarin
SNL's comedian famous for her Nadeen's character catchphrase 'Simmer down now!'
Famous Greek singer Nana ____________

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