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Type of sausage widely used for pizza making
Deep Impact's American actress Tea ______
The former students of an educational institution
Italian opera composer, renaissance painter, and cocktail made of sparkling wine and peach nectar
Italian type of pasta served baked with a filling
Italian politician key figure in the creation of fascism
Italian artist famous for his Apollo and Daphne
Famous Iranian leader Ayatollah ___________
Italian composer creator of The Barber of Seville, Gioachino ________
Italian tube-shaped pasta
People and widely spoken language in Paraguay
A national of Iran or of Iranian ancestry
Paste made of hulled sesame seeds
A national of Oman
One of the greatest Italian composers famous for his Turandot
Plural for the thin pancake called blin/blintz
Italian playwright famous for his Servant of Two Masters play
A national of Azerbaijan
Surname of famous people such as Roberto and Isabella
Surname of famous people such as Marcello and Chiara
Famous Italian fashion designer ________ Versace
Scooby Doo's American actress Linda ____________
Italian luxury and exclusive car manufacturer
A national of Bahrain
Famous Italian violinist and one of the most important violin competitions in the world
One of the female antagonist lionesses in The Lion King II
Hannibal's Italian actor Giancarlo __________
Spacecraft sent to Saturn in 2004 by ASI, ESA, and NASA
The Sopranos' American actor James ____________
Famous Italian sculptor Benvenuto _________
City on the west coast of Sicily, Italy
American actress and Burt Reynolds ex ______ Anderson
Seaport in Apulia, Italy
Hawaiian slang for vagina
Italian lemon-flavoured liqueur _______ Limoncello
Meet Joe Black's British actress Claire ________
Swaziland's second largest city
Italian physicist/electrochemist after whom galvanization was named, Luigi _______
Voldemort's snake in the Harry Potter series
La Dolce Vita's Italian director Federico ________
Greek city in Central Macedonia near Mt. Olympus
A national of Uzbekistan
A national of Kyrgyzstan
Italian painter known for his nudes in a modern style, Amedeo _________
Native American tribe in most of Western United States
New Mexico's Pueblo people
Another word for Jinn or genie
Famous Italian conductor of La Scala, the Metropolitan Opera, and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra
Alternative spelling for the Italian pasta Fettuccine
Language and people of the Hindustan region
A national of Tajikistan
Alternative spelling for scaloppine
A national of Yemen
American dish with diced poultry or seafood, mushrooms, almonds, butter/cream and parmesan
Meaning of the initialism AD
A very thin spaghetti
The Thinnest type of long pasta

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