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American singer/artist Gwen _______
American actor _________ Ribisi
Italian luxury car manufacturer
Austin Power's smaller version of himself and British economy car brand
One of the most famous/visited Greek islands
Italian high fashion house Giorgio _______
Italian electrical engineer inventor of the radio
Cocktail made with gin, vermouth, and garnished with an olive
Largest branch of islam
Italian singer Laura _______
Coca Cola's water brand
Largest salt flat in the world in Bolivia
Comoros capital city and mormon prophet/angel
Oz's American actor Christopher ________
Italian ring-shaped pasta sometimes described as navel shaped
A two piece swimsuit
City in the Emilia-Romagna region, Italy
Zodiac symbol, constellation associated with twins
Italian grilled sandwich
DRC third largest cities
City in the Umbria region, Italy
South African city, birth place of Charlize Theron
Small yellow pickled peppers
Disney's Ratatouille's main character Alfredo ________
Proper term to refer to gypsies
American brand of Greek yogurt
A national of Afghanistan
A national of Pakistan
Famous former New York's mayor Rudy _______
Italian pasta in the shape of narrow tubes
Anakin Skywalker's nickname
An ice resurfacer machine
Most famous illusionist of all time, Harry ________
American hotel chain and Book of Mormon prophet
Ufo in Spanish
Italian pasta in the shape of a spiral
Summer type of squash native to the Americas
American composer known for The Pink Panther and Charade theme, Henry _______
Amazon River tributary and department in Bolivia
Index or coefficient used to represent the income distribution within a nation
American R&B singer _____ Braxton
The Queen Margot's French actress Isabelle _______

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