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A heavyweight Japanese type of wrestling
City in Indiana and one of The Beach Boys biggest single hits
Proverbial Japanese expression ______ arigato
Italian luxury goods brand Salvatore ___________
City on the foothills of the Alps in Lombardy, Italy
Capital city of Sicily, Italy
Sweden's third largest city
International Maritime Organization
America's third largest car rental agency and San Antonio's historic building/battle
Short for demonstration, a sample
Short for camouflage
Name of the lost clownfish in the Disney film Finding _______
Short for ammunition
Indigenous people of the northern circumpolar region
Short for memorandum
Colloquial/derogatory term for a male with same gender attraction
The most adorable (non-human) character in Gremlins
Famous Apache leader who fought against Mexico, and Texas
A health maintenance organization
Electrical generator that produces direct current
Short for mammogram
Short for limousine
City on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
City and infamous american prison in Cuba
One of Louis Armstrong's nicknames
In music, to be played very loudly
A stupid person, or ordinary man
Military rank of the highest degree
Strong or aggressive masculine pride
Character played by Oliver Reed in Ridley Scott's Gladiator
Common Italian boys name
Indigenous people of northern California
One of Iron-Man's most prolific robot enemies
World Meteorological Organization
Uppermost register of woodwind instruments
Italian term for a church that is a cathedral
At a very slow tempo
Colloquial term used to refer to the Cosmopolitan magazine
American clothing brand that specializes in teens wear and accessories
First de Medici to ever rule Florence
Pan's Labyrinth Spanish director ___________ del Toro
Furry red muppet from Sesame Street
Famous palace in Seville and colonial neighborhood in Buenos Aires
A colloquial term for a person considered shy, emotional, or sensitive
Famous Italian lake in Lombardy
American football quarterback for the Cowboys, Tony _____
Mormon created slang for non-committal make-out
Large city in the Oriente region, Cuba
City in Abruzzo, Italy
Short for promotional or promotion in marketing
Colloquial for slow motion
Subgenre of the hardcore punk or post-hardcore music style
Italian city famous for its music festival and inspiration for the Eurovision Song Contest
Italian car accessory manufacturer established by Gianpiero Moretti
One of the Five Cities in the San Luis Obispo area _______ Beach
Colloquial term for postmodern/postmodernism
Colloquia/short for chemotherapy
Main character of the self-titled Juan Rulfo's novel Pedro _________
Missouri and modus operandi and american actress/comedian ____ Gaffney
Joseph Conrad's novel, _________ A Tale of the Seaboard and Ellen Ripley's starship
Ice Age actor John.... (the sloth)

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