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Famous city in Florida
Japanese video game developer
Japanese art of folding paper
Japanese cuisine dish consisting of thin slices of raw fish
City in California, ______ Valley
Jewish sandwich meat
King Kong's Australian actress ________ Watts
Prometheus' Swedish actress _________ Rapace
Spanish and Italian version of Naomi
Large desert in northern Australia
Large city in Georgia, Europe
Another name for the Lapps or Laplanders people
Large ocean waves produced by earthquakes
A truck without its trailer/prefix for close or almost
Italian sandwich meat/sausage
Italian Physicist known for his work in Chicago Pile-1, Enrico...
One of the Russian republics
Finland in its native Finnish
My or me in Spanish
One of the world's largest recording label, now defunct
Jesus words to the girl, Talitha....
A type of engine used by several car manufacturers
Jersey Shore's ________ Giancola
French boys name, short for Remigius
Ghost's American actress _________ Moore
American actress ________ Rogers and Tom Cruise's first wife
Fargo's American actor Steve ___________
Mommy in Spanish
City in Malta also known as Citta Pinto
Large city in South Korea
Capital city of Lapland, Finland
Scream's American film music composer Marco...
Soft candy usually in the form of a bear
Mr. Hendrix
'Like Water for Chocolate' actress ______ Cavazos

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