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Disney's Stitch's Hawaiian friend and Lindsay Lohan's Nickname
Heroes' American actor _______ Ventimiglia
City in Colorado and town in Spanish
City and native people of northern Ecuador
Norway's capital city
Alone in Spanish, famous red cups
Truncated-cone-shaped chocolate candy
One of the Philippines largest cities on Panay Island
New York state city and american bison
Popular XBOX military sci-fi game
Devil in Spanish, popular video game and Juno's director _______ Cody
One of the greatest painters/sculptors of all time famous for his David
Little boy in Italian, wind instrument, and Dragon Ball's Goku's arch-rival
You only live once
1000 grams
A man who renders escort services to females
A metal structure used usually to store grain
Hawaii's largest CDP (town) on the island of Hawaii
Citrus fruit hybrid of a tangerine and a grapefruit
Hybrid of domestic cattle and American bisons
Bad in Spanish
City in Lee County, Mississippi
Another name for a wolverine, from the Latin for glutton
Small feline native to the Chilean Andes
Another word for grapefruit
Principality of Monaco famous for its casinos
Famous Italian merchant and traveler
Team sport played on horseback
Luke and Leia's greedy friend
Italian-French film based on the book The 120 Days of Sodom by the Marquis de Sade
Brazil's largest city
Californian city _____ Alto and perennial tree ______ Verde
Large city in Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil
Ancient Greek statue of a woman missing both arms
The Philippines seventh largest city
Electric Light Orchestra
The name of famous gentlemen such as Picasso, Neruda, and Escobar
One of the earliest Spanish poets (13th century); ________ de Berceo
Popular boys name in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world
Language spoken by the Spanish and Portuguese Romani people
Proper word for the Middle Eastern and Balkan pastry also spelled phyllo
American basketball player currently with the Knicks _________ Anthony
Spanish singer _______ Sesto, and Nobel Prize in Literature winner ______ Jose Cela
Team water sport with seven players
Jennifer Lopez's stage/nickname
Common Slavic boys name, and a Cartoon Network's series, Camp ________
Famous Mexican painter Frida ______
City in Tom Green County, Texas
Name of famous gentlemen such as Badalamenti and Ruggiero
Vacation series American actress Beverly _________
Hannibal's Italian actor ___________ Giannini

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