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Can you name the words ending in Llo?

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One of the greatest Spanish Baroque painters, Bartolome Esteban ________
City in Texas and yellow in Spanish
Mammal famous for its armor shell
Buffalo 66's American actor Vincent _______
City in Zacatecas, Mexico
Large city and capital of the state of Sonora, Mexico
Villain character in The Hunchback of Notre Dame; Claude _______
Horse in Spanish
Most popular American gelatin dessert brand
Seaport and beach resort town in Colima, Mexico
Greek/Roman God of music, poetry, art, etc.
Short for violoncello
Most common english language greeting
Large city in Coahuila, Mexico
The tragic tale of Shakespeare's Moor of Venice
Alternative spelling/name for brothel
Peru's second largest city
Italian high fashion house ________ Cucinelli
Famous palazzo/museum in Florence, Italy
City in Bannock County, Idaho
One of the greatest sculptors of all time famous for his David
Southern Italy type of stretched-curd cheese
French painter who specialized in cityscapes, Maurice ________
A small, relatively unimportant offense or sin
Type of tomato also called Mexican Husk Tomato
A Spaniard (of Spanish parents) born in the new world during colonial Spain
Norse viking and first Duke of Normandy, Robert I
Italian dramatist/novelist Nobel Prize winner, Luigi ________
Chicken in Spanish and restaurant chain El _____ Loco
A History of Violence's American actress Maria ______
Famous Italian actor ________ Mastroianni
One of the best/well known ski resorts in the Souther Hemisphere (Chile)
Surname of famous gentleman such as Elvis and Lou
City in the Umbria region, Italy and castle in Italian
Castle in Spanish
City in Ventura County, California
The Grey's American actor Frank ______
Coca Colas's answer to Pepsi's Mountain Dew

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