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47 Ronin's Japanese actress ________ Kikuchi
American supermarkets chain
Bond Girl Ukrainian actress Olga ___________
Mali's capital city
A type of lizard made famous by an American insurance company
Japanese watch maker brand
State of unconsciousness as a result of a strife
Colloquial term for someone bad in the head
The Simpsons store version of the Lego Store
Game played with three dice
Japanese arcade/gambling game similar to a slot machine
Term to refer to a Communism sympathizer in America
Type of mackerel shark
American painter of Russian descent known for his Abstract Expressionism
Someone extremely drunk, worthless or contemptible
Creator of the pseudoscientific movement Lysenkoism
Russian writer and poet Yevgeny _____________
Damages' Slovenian actor _________ Ivanek
Slavic version of Mark
X-Men's Lady Deathstrike's alter ego ________ Oyama
City in Nevada known as 'The Heart of Northeast Nevada'
Jake Gyllenhaal's film Donnie ________
X-Men's partner of Wolverine __________ Yashida
21 Jump Street's series character played by Channing Tatum
Dev Patel's character's name in The Last Airbender
Film Starred by Malcolm McDowell and Marton Csokas
City in northern Bosnia Herzegovina
Ukrainian heavyweight brothers Vitali and Wladimir
American rapper and actor Rodney Ramone Hill, Jr stage name
Lost's character played by Adelawe Akinnuoye-Agbaje Mr. _______
American brand of clothes/shoes Marc ________
Islamist terrorist group _________ Haram
Rihanna's Stay featured artist Mikky _______
Wall Street's character played by Michael Douglas Gordon ________
Michael Jackson's nickname
Line of alcoholic beverages Four ________
Permanent body and face marking of the Maori
Common version of the name Nicholas in Greece, Serbia, Croatia, and Finland
The leader of the Winged Monkeys in the Wizard of Oz film
Milton Bradley's card game involving getting 10 numbers
Michael Moore's documentary about the U.S. healthcare system
Animaniacs main character, the middle brothers
Animaniacs main character, the oldest brother
The Beatles' proverbial ________ Ono
1927's animated cartoon character from the Looney Tunes
Popular brand of fans, heaters, humidifiers, etc.
Board game about dragons

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