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Can you name the words ending in Ki?

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One of the Japanese cities bombed in WWII by the U.S.
Major Japanese motorcycle manufacturer
Japanese sauce and style of cooking
Honolulu's main beach
The Lion King's mandrill character
Thor's treacherous adopted brother
Finland's capital city
Japanese car manufacturer
Actor Klaus and daughter actress Nastassja _______
The first man in Maori/Polynesian culture
Greece's second largest city
Large city in Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Large city in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan
Japanese prefecture and its eponymous capital city
Sport involving snow and slopes
British writer H.H.Munro's pen name
Color characterized by certain type of pants
Popular Greek fast food based of small grilled meat pieces and veggies
One of the oldest domesticated breeds of dogs
Japanese dish of soup/stew served on a hot pot
Russian small baked/fried type of pie with various types of fillings
Famous Polish director known for his Three Colors and Decalogue film anthologies; Krzysztof__________
1947 Expedition across the Pacific Ocean led by Thor Heyerdahl
Short for Wikipedia
One of the Penguins of Madagascar
Twilight series American actress _____ Reed
The Good Wife American actress Christine _________
Jersey Shore American reality TV personality Nicole Polizzi's stage name
Polish-French director Roman ________
The Great Gatsby (2013) French actress Elizabeth ________
John Wick American actress Adrianne _______
The Big Bang Theory American actor Johnny _________
Supernatural American actor Jared ___________
Austrian producer of luxury glass and fashion design
Japanese prefecture with Mito as its capital city
Greek peninsula in the region of Central Macedonia also known as Chalcidice

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