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'The Last Frontier' State
Symbol made infamous by Nazi Germany
Japan's third largest city
Grandmother in Russian and commonly misused name for Russian dolls
'I've found it!', city in California, and Syfy Channel TV show
Almodovar's film starring Victoria Abril, Peter Coyote, and Veronica Forque
Lake in Tanzania and former republic in Africa
Political movement in the former Soviet Union
City showcased in 'The Proposal' and American brand of specialized gear
Midwest state
Name of 'Friday Night Lights' and 'Almost Human' American actress
Portable rocket launcher
Reddish powder use as condiment
Central Europe type of dance/music with worldwide varieties
Garment generally worn by Muslim women
Russian alcoholic beverage
Type of coat special for cold temperatures
Polish folk dance style in triple meter
Surname of famous 'The Metamorphosis' writer
Area of Russia known for a large meteor explosion in 1908
Large city in Kyushu, Japan
Peninsula in far East Russia
British singer known for hit 'Grace Kelly'
American toy company (trucks)
Japanese surname and power equipment company
2010 World Cup song performed by Shakira
One of the greatest Indian Buddhist emperors
Nickname for Mary in Greece and Hungary
One of the concentration camps in Poland
Female name starting with a
Name of 'Run Lola Run', 'Bourne Identity/Supremacy' German actress
Large city in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine
Large city in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine
American candy company and fictional character in 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'
Famous Russian space dog
Actual name of the Russian dolls
Name of a well-known Trump
American film starred by Greta Garbo
Zambia's capital city
Name of 'Law & Order SUV' American actress
State of Kansas capital city
Asian island nation
Canadian singer and actor known for hits 'Diana' and 'Lonely Boy'
American singer known for hits 'Bad Blood' and 'Breaking Up Is Hard to Do'
American copier supplier company
Bangladesh's capital city
Croatia's third largest city and main port
Island and city in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska
Popular Slavic female name and Australian jewelry brand
Name of Polish director known for 'The Secret Garden' and 'Europa Europa'
Popular Slavic name and Nimph in Serbian mithology; Joanna in English
Name of female villain in Zoolander played by Milla Jovovich
Swiss chocolate brand known for its purple cow
Heroes' American-Japanese actor Masi...
Street Fighter's video game green character
Mortal Kombat's mutant character
Famous Zulu leader and TV show named after him
Also known as
Maori traditional ancestral war cry/dance
Suzanne Vega's biggest hit song
Italian stove-top coffee maker pot and city in Japan
'Like a Feather' American singer_______ Costa
Small mammal that resembles Pikachu
The first half of antacid brand name Seltzer
Poland in its own language
City in Silesia, Poland
Basque name of city bombed by Nazi Germany
Indian state which capital city is Bangalore
Alice in Wonderland's Australian actress Mia...
Japan's prefecture and eponymous city
Most northeasterly autonomous okrug in Russia
Bosnia Herzegovina's second largest city
Swedish brand of vodka
American actresses Eleniak and Christensen
Republic in Slavic languages

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