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Island located at the mouth of the Amazonas River
City in Solano County, California
Box Office...or Austin Powers 'special' power
Nickname of Matador Rafael Molina Sanchez
City in Sucre, Colombia
Four- or five-stringed musical instrument
One of the most famous Native American tribe
Red in Spanish
Novel by Stephen King about a rabid dog
American singer known for hit single 'Too Little Too Late'
Old in Spanish and city in california, Mission...
Given name of Cuban writer Carpentier
The Powerpuff Girls arch nemesis
Orange in Spanish
Spanish/portuguese painted tint-glazed ceramic tilework
Female given name
Son in Spanish
Eye in Spanish
French actress Berenice...known for the film 'The Artist'
Hohoho in Spanish
Someone of lower class in 18th/19th century Spain
Machete American actor Danny...
Spanish name for the Tagus river in Spain
Album and song by Christina Aguilera
Type of tequila, wine, rum, and cheese from the Spanish old
City in Ecuador
Unesco World Heritage Site in Panama City

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