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Can you name the words/numbers ending in ii?

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United States 50th state
City in the Nyanza Region, Kenya
Largest island of Samoa
Plural for Denarius
Plural for nauplius
Plural for senarius
Plural for congius
Plural for medius
Name of the hopbush in Hawaiian
Traditional Japanese gate found in Shinto shrines
Another plural form for genie
Plural for radius
Plural for retiarius
Plural for sartorius
Plural for sextarius
Plural for trapezius
Plural for splenius
Plural for bacchius
Plural for gastrocnemius
Plural for septenarius
Swedish performer known for single hit 'Wake Me Up'
Ancient Italian city destroyed by Vesuvius
Gender Inequality Index
One of Nintendo's videogame console
A channel, peninsula, and mountains in Japan
Twelve in Roman numerals
102 in Roman numerals
502 in Roman numerals
1,002 in Roman numerals & free-form digital avatar by Nintendo
Seven in Roman numerals
Fifty two in Roman numerals
Language spoken in the highlands of Papua New Guinea
Three in Roman numerals
Eight in Roman numerals
Thirteen in Roman numerals
Fifty three in Roman numerals
103 in Roman numerals
503 in Roman numerals
1,003 in Roman numerals
The Simpson's Universe mock for Wii

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