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City in New Mexico, USA
Capital city of Rondonia State, Brazil
African country surrounded by another country
Northwest state nicknamed the 'Potato State'
Tomato-base and raw vegetables soup from Spain
Famous Mexican soldier, Villa
Famous biblical city in the West Bank, Palestine
Don Qixote's loyal sidekick
One of the Marx Brothers
One of Nigeria's largest cities
City in Peru known for a decisive independence battle
One of the wh questions and a citizen of the Grinch's town
A Mexican corn flour fried triangle
Sound caused by the reflection of sound waves
One of Hitchcock's masterpieces
A very masculine and manly man
Piece of clothing with a single hole in the center
Native american tribe in Wyoming and Colorado
A cowboy in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay
Ranch in Spanish
Neighborhood in Manhattan; South of Houston
A leader or manager; the person in charge
17th letter of the Greek alphabet
Alternative spelling for Navajo
Santa's laughter or chuckle
River that runs through Santiago, Chile
Boundary between Earth's crust and mantle
60's British rock band; My Generation
'The Alchemist' Brazilian author Pablo...
Famous Brazilian footballer
Boy or young man in Spanish
A lot in Spanish
Eight in Spanish
Pinoccio in Spanish

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