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QUIZ: Can you name the words ending in Hi?

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Raw fish and rice based Japanese dish
One of the fastest growing cities in the United States named after a Book of Mormon prophet
One of the largest cities in India
India's capital city
Chinese martial art practiced for defense and health benefits
Korean fermented side dish
Mexican music/player characterized by big sombreros
Leader of Indian independence movement Mahatma ______
Ancient Greek city now an archeological World Heritage Site
Russian city where the Winter Olympics 2014 took place
Film starred by Richard Gere and Joan Allen about a memorable Akita dog
American brand of breakfast cereals and and energy bars
Major seaport in Kerala state, India
Japanese prefecture with Nagoya as its capital city
Large city in Chiba Prefecture, Japan and part of the Greater Tokyo
Pakistan's former capital city
Energy that flows or not in the Feng Shui discipline
Prophet of the Old Testament
Italian type of dumpling make with potatoes
The Player Italian-Australian actress Greta ______
A traditional Japanese heating device (for food)
A national of Bangladesh
Famous Italian Renaissance architect, especially for the dome of the Florence Cathedral
DRC second largest city
A fish also known as common dolphinfish
Life Is Beautiful Italian actress Nicoletta ________
Another spelling for lychee
Surname of famous people such as Stefano, Andrea, and Charlotte...
Prefecture and its eponymous capital city in Japan
Major Japanese car manufacturer
Major Italian appliance manufacturer
The 21st letter of the Greek alphabet
One of The Jungle Book's male elephant characters
Language and people of the Pakistani region of Sindh
Japanese prefecture with Kofu as its capital city
Famous American designer Isaac ________

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