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Can you name the words ending in GO part II?

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City in Colombia and Costa Rica/Carthage in English
Windy City
Jamaican town mentioned in the Beach Boys song 'Kokomo'
Giant Ecuadorian tortoise
Chile's capital city
Ice Age's Saber-toothed tiger and a 'saint' city in California
A friend South of the Border
Movie tickets website
Argentine/Brazilian type of dog
Roman Catholic Church title/chamberlain in English
From Greek and Latin 'self'
What foreigners are called in Latin America; particularly Americans
Very slow Tempo and city in Florida
Type of Lily, Utah's state flower
Danish toy company (bricks)
To pass through, to experience
Constellation and 6th astrological sign
Male dog name in the movie 101 Dalmatians
Famous doctor played by Omar Sharif
To precede, to go before
Footballer and Basketball player Mendes and Splitter first name
Animated film about a gecko voiced by Johnny Depp
Italian type of cheese
Andean stringed instrument
Jafar's sidekick in Aladdin
One of the Beatles
Novel by Kyle Onstott and film by Richard Fleischer about an African slave
Second largest city in Guatemala
Golden Era Mexican actress and Martindale share this name
A long time...
Rocky's rival last name in Rocky IV played by Dolph Lundgren
To go beyond, to outdo
American company specialized in fruit juice and skin care products
Latin American/Caribbean type of stew
Caribbean island part of a country
Saint in the Dominican Republic's capital city name
Wou're welcome in Italian and American brand of tomatoe sauce
Slang term to refer to someone from Mexico City
Grand Ballet piece by Marius Petipa and Ludwig Minkus
Pre-Columbian city in the Valley of Toluca, Mexico
A nightclub for dancing to popular music, disco
American Samoa's capital city
Name of a Brazilian actor known for '300' and one of Handel's operas
Lake in Spanish and town in High Plains Drifter
Iroquian Native American people
City in Galicia, Spain
Fish also known as the Red Snapper and USS submarine
Name of the actor who played Aragorn in LOTR
Slang term for pregnant
City in Oregon by a lake with the same name
African river and delta flowing through Angola, Namibia, and Botswana
Angola's fourth largest city
Handheld electronic device and largest ball rolling park in the world
Famous Spanish fabulist
Brazilian City named after a Swiss city
Name of Italian cartographer from whom the New World got its name
Brazilian city named after a German city
Name of Wolfgang Puck's four exclusive restaurants
Corbucci's and Tarantino's Film main character
Fire in Spanish
City in Galicia, Spain
Popular American waffle brand
Low back pain involving muscles and bones
Cape Verde archipelago's island and fire in Portuguese
City in Guam and home to the Andersen AFB
Small nocturnal primates also known as buhsbabies or nagapies
Gliding mammal found in Southeast Asia
Contagious skin disease common among wrestlers and football players
Mythological creature of the Great Lakes and Marvel Comics character
One of the Freud's three parts of the psychic apparatus
Swiss cheese also known as Schabziger
Strong, brave warlike woman and Yamaha's motorcycle model
Skin condition also known as ringworm
Internet website specialized in discounted hotel rooms
Japan's prefecture with Kobe for capital city
Native Chinese medicinal tree with no relatives surviving it
Language, people, and former kingdom in Africa
City in Connacht, Ireland
City in Veneto, Italy
City in Guerrero, Mexico
Italian model car manufacturer

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