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City in Andalucia, Spain
Arcade video game set in space
Ancient Rome distinctive garment used over a tunic
The first half of the high couture Italian brand Veneta
Latvia's capital city
Large whale also known as the White Whale
What a female foreigner is called in Latin America, specially Americans
Type of Japanese comics
Country in Oceania
A female friend South of the Border
Last Greek letter and famous watch brand
Biome characterized by coniferous forests in the subarctic regions
Type of African-Cuban drum
Story told in several installments of Scandinavian and Germanic origin
Large city in European Russia
Something extremely large
Mexican dish containing a deep-fried burrito and other ingredients
Minimalist type of bikini and city in Tanzania
Princess of pop and extravaganzza, Lady
North American rattlesnake also known as the Black Rattler
Brightest star in the Lyra Constellation
Japanese video game developer company
Slang term to refer to a female from Mexico City
Catholic university in Spokane, Washington
Large city in Santander, Colombia
Last name of Motel Bates/The Conjuring actress
City in Ontario, Canada
Indian physical, mental, and spiritual discipline
Turtle in Spanish
Province in the DRC once declared independent
Brazilian actresses Sonia and Alice's last name
Large city in the DRC
American brand of taco seasonings and shells
A winery, wine cellar and a French bagpipe
Melrose Place actress Daphne...
Superspeedway in Alabama, Will Ferrell played one of the its knights
Street in San Francisco famous for its tile steps
Word yelled by the TNMT
Tennessee's fourth largest city
City in California name after the native american settlement
Famous Modernist Spanish painter, 'Bleeding Christ'
Longest river in Europe
Name of 'Quantum of Solace' Ukrainian actress
World's third highest mountain
French high couture house founded by a Spanish designer
Largest European lake near Saint Petersburg, Russia
Second largest European lake in Russia
Type of fish and city in California and New York
Name of the Thundercat who only appears in spirit
Large city in Mindanao, Philippines
City in the North Island, New Zealand
The most populated of the Cook Islands
Mambo #5 singer Lou_____
City in Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Unit prefix of the metric system
League in Spanish and and name of the professional soccer association in Spain
Colloquial term for sugar and Baby Bash hit song
City in North Dakota and Fleetwood RV model
Large city in Minas Gerais, Brazil
Founder of the House of Hufflepuff in the Hogwarts Universe
Japan's prefecture with Otsu as capital city
City in Napa County, California
Hit single 'Sway' New Zealander singer Bic...
Game involving the construction of a wood-block tower

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