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Can you name the words ending in Di?

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Famous rum brand
City in Northern California
Famous Spanish architect
Italian Luxury Fashion House
German car maker
Country in Africa
Fouth largest city in Pakistan
Major language spoken in India
One of the twin cities in Ghana
Famous Italian composer
Large city in central Iraq
Largest country occupying the Arabian Peninsula first word
Italian composer, film by Rossellini, and Metro station in Paris and Mexico City
The second twin city in Ghana
Italian composers, Swiss defunct car make, and Irish racing horse
Famous Italian composer
Nickmane for a large city in Pakistan
Supreme Hindi Goddess also known as Chamunda/Durga
Small puma native to Central and South America
One of American Idol's judges
Italian surname featured in 'The Princess Diaries'
Italian-American television personality on E!
Native American actor known for 'Dances with Wolves'
Stage name of American rapper known for hit single 'Day 'n' Nite'
Surfers' paradise beach in Australia
Big carnival in New Orleans first word
Medieval European map of the world, Mappa...
Wednesday in French
Monday in French
Thursday in French
Friday in French
Saturday in French
Spanish actor Molla known for 'Colombiana' and 'Riddick'
Last name of American rapper who goes by the stage name Kid...
Condoleezza Rice's nickname
Obi-Wan, Yoda, and Luke are some of these guys

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