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Another name for cassava
Island nation in the Caribbean Sea
Name of famous ladies such as Bellucci, Potter, and Lewinsky
Pacific Ocean sea within Indonesia
River and two Colombian departments' names
Large Canadian lake between Alberta and Saskatchewan
French island on the Mediterranean Sea
Large city by the Atlantic Ocean in Argentina
Strait between Washington and British Columbia
Bosnia Herzegovina's fourth largest city
Capital city of the Mexican state of Hidalgo
City in the State of New York
Peruvian pre-Columbian empire
Female version of Eric
Name of famous ladies such as Romijn, de Mornay, and Black
Fifth largest city in Serbia
Caribbean island nation
City in Sao Paulo state, Brazil
Basque tragic town portrayed by Picasso's in one of his most famous paintings
Large city and capital of the eponymous Mexican state
American brand of chocolate-covered almond butter crunch; Almond ____
Ancient Greek region where, today, Athens lies
Second largest Balearic Island, Spain
City in Santander, Colombia
One of Ecuador's largest cities
Type of coffee beans originally from Ethiopia
Famous Spanish dramatist, writer, and poet Pedro Calderon de la ______
Northernmost city in Chile
Roman philosopher, statesman, and dramatist
Type of spinal acute pain
Famous New York district known for its film festival
Capital city of the eponymous region in Peru
Capital city of the eponymous Mexican state
City, lake, and native american tribe in Nevada
Romania's second largest city; Cluj-_______
A Portuguese royal house and city in northern Portugal
City and prestigious college in the State of New York
A widely used sans-serif typeface
Native American tribe and casino resorts in Mississippi
A type of sheet silicate mineral
Latin for approximately
Cyprus third largest cities
Italian anise-flavoured liqueur
Lake, volcano, and city in the 'Lake District' in Chile
Somalia's sixth largest city and ancient port
City in Silesia, Poland
Large city in the Puno Region, Peru
City in the state of Veracruz, Mexico
Short for a girl named Rebecca

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