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Strait between the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra
Famous mysterious lines in Peru
Han Solo's loyal sidekick
Musical Instrument usually filled with seeds
Another word for the root vegetable cassava
Serbian film director/actor Emir ___________
Name of famous ladies such as Patrick and McKellar
Large religious building used by several Christian religions
TV show starred by Kristen Bell ___________ Mars
Spanish writer/poet executed by Franco's Nationalists, Federico Garcia _______
Starch extracted from cassava
City in Morocco and one of the top films of all times
Country in Central America
Shakira's hit single; crazy female in Spanish
Montenegro's capital city
The land of many penguins
Japanese film products company merged with Minolta
City in California and lard in Spanish
The 'New World'
Mexican city capital of the State of Morelos
The continent of lions, cheetahs, and hyenas
Futuristic film starred by Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke
One of the two worldwide known colas
African country with three capital cities
California clothing company associate with surf and skateboards
Andean mammal known for its wool
Capital city of the eponymous region in Peru
A plantar wart
City and famous university in Castile and Leon, Spain
Proper name for the killer whale
Religious center/city in Saudi Arabia
Madonna's fifth studio album with hits such as Fever and Deeper and Deeper
Largest of the Balearic Islands, Spain
Italian name for Italian poet and scholar Petrarch
Name of famous ladies such as Alba, Biel, and Simpson
Federal tax imposed to fund Social Security and Medicare
Addam's Family's American actress ___________ Huston
Wind instrument famous in the Wild West
Beachfront city in California
An exact reproduction of a piece of art on a smaller scale
The prefix for ten in the International System of Units
The name of the spoiled character in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory ________ Salt
Another name for silicon dioxide
City and province in northern Argentina
Toyota sports car model; GT-Four among many others
American electronics company bought by GE; Sony Music and Technicolor used their trademark
City and capital of the Maule Region, Chile
TV show Hotel's American actress Connie _______
Young Men's Christian Association
Highest lake in the world, and South America's largest

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