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Japanese spicy food item usually found alongside sushi
Desert in Mongolia and China
A teacher of Torah in Judaism
Fictional character from the Self-titled deer Disney movie
Capital of the United Arab Emirates
First name of a Star Wars Jedi
Proof of being somewhere else when an incriminatory crime has been committed
Kenya's capital City
People, language, and culture in Pakistan and India
Federal Bureau of Investigation
First king of the Babylonian empire
Last name of British actor Derek...
Japanese company known in America for its power tools
The name of Simba's mother in 'The Lion King'
Barcelona's Summer Olympics mascot
Ruby in Spanish and city in Catalonia, Spain
Last name of a Star Wars Jedi
American actress ________Mazar
Short for Gabriel or Gabriela in Spanish
Prural for syllabus
Zombie in Spanish
Black and white primate
Plural for limbus
Plural for nimbus
Sub-Saharan antelope
Plural for rhombus
Plural for thrombus
Plural for cumulonimbus
Plural for succubus

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