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Tajikistan's capital city
Large city in Japan and Lakers' basketball player
American software developer company
European river that goes through Dresden and Hamburg
Famous pig movie and colloquial tern for hot girl
Japanese actor Ken known for 'The Last Samurai' and 'Godzilla'(2014)
Europe's second longest river; it goes through Vienna, Budapest, and Belgrade
Tridimentional square
To advise and authorize the use of a medicine or treatment in writing
Clear anatomical division of an organ (brain,kidney)
Former Colombian president (2002-2010)
Uploading/viewing internet website
Hollow cylinder and colloquial term for television
To sign up for something in order to receive it on a regular basis
To give money or gift to someone in order to alter their behavior
Piece of clothing worn after taking a shower or when getting up from bed
Tridimentional circle or Golden...
Perhaps, possibly
Short for vibration
Piece of furniture used for storing clothes
Actress from 'Gremlins' or character played by Lisa Kudrow in 'Friends'
To explain an object/person/place in detail
Short for lubrication
Someone who writes books/documents by hand as a profession
Someone who suffers from fear/dislike of something strange/foreign
A criminal investigation
Part of the body most commonly pierced
A group of indigenous people connected by language, ethnicity, and religion
Someone who desires to become/be someone/something else
'The Matrix's' character played by Jada Pinkett-Smith and daughter of Tantalus in Greek Mithology
Microscopic entity responsible for infections and diseases
A person who dislikes people with same gender attraction
To turn speech into text/written speech
An n-dimentional analogue of a square and a cube
City in Uganda, gateway to Lake Victoria
An organism that can grow/develop in an oxygenated environment
Architect who designed the United States Capitol
Large city in Kazakhstan
Hair that grows near/around genitalia
Cloud in Spanish
American women's apparel store and baby in Spanish
Organism that does not require oxygen to survive
'Precious' American actress Gabourey...

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