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Can you name the words ending in X A through Z?

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ClueWord Letter
A-Rod's given nameA
_____ Office MojoB
Stardust British actor Charlie ______C
American actor ______ ShepardD
Former spouse/significant otherE
Short for facsimileF
Another term for transmission (car)G
A humorous or malicious deceptionH
A large screen and Canadian movie theater companyI
Character played my Halle Berry in Die Another DayJ
Corn cereal brand made my General MillsK
Superman's archenemy ____ LuthorL
George Miller's Mad _____M
ClueWord Letter
One of the newest moons of PlutoN
Castrated male adult cattleO
Kevin Spacey's film K-_____P
A building split into four apartmentsQ
Tyrannosaurus _____R
A compulsory contribution to state revenueT
Contrary to what is usual or traditionalU
____ populiV
Madame Tussauds _____ MuseumW
American corporation known for its photocopy machinesX
A variant of the word yesk (a hiccup or to belch)Y
A tool for trimming and puncturing roofing slatesZ

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