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Basis for the social and economical development of Tanzania
The currency of the Maldives
Finland's fourth largest city
The United States national aviation authority
Atoll and administrative division of the Maldives and to bleat
Yemen's capital city and American actress...Latham
Town near Papeete, Tahiti
Federation of motor clubs throughout North America
American insurance company specialized in military members
International mutual aid fellowship; stay sober
Finland's currency before the Euro
African-American week-long holiday/celebration
One of Bhutan's twenty districts
City in the eponymous gobernorate, Syria
Indian rock python character in 'The Jungle Book'
Colloquial for father in Hindu
Colloquial for mother in Hindu
Town of Greek Catholic people in Lebanon
Lebanon's largest gobernorate
Organization that represents the recording industry in the U.S.
Atoll and administrative division of the Maldives
Largest South African airline
Alaska's largest university
Boat or canoe in Hawaiian, Samoan, and Tahitian
The sound of someone crying
Colombian singer Charlie...
City in Uusimaa, Finland
Kauai's Endemic bird species
City in Tokat Province, Turkey
Motion Picture Association of America

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