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QUIZ: Can you name the items containing double letters from the given clues?

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Tropical fruit ad in the film _________ Exppress
Asian island nation
Ms. Aniston, Connelly, Lawrence, Garner, etc.
Popular 'American' sport
Popular fruit or a mac
Belgium's capital city
North African nation
Disney's princess famous for her shoe
Green vegetable 'hated' by children
African mammal as tall as a tree
Mr. Shatner, Shakespeare, Baldwin, etc.
President assassinated in Texas
Sport using a rubber ball and a stick with a net
Ms. Alba, Biel, Chastain, Simpson, etc.
American bison or water....
The largest country in the world (in area)
The 'dirtiest' of all the fruits as in ________ Shortcake
Jordan's capital city
Orange vegetable commonly made into juice
Southern state with Jefferson City as its capital

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