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Can you name the animals with double letters in their names?

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______ Wild Wings B
As tall as a treeG
Softest fur in the worldC
Rimes with muffinP
Fastest on landC
Meghan Trainor's All About That....B
Best picture, The _____ HunterD
Silly ______ or Grey ______ VodkaG
Has a red buttB
Who Framed Roger...R
See you later....A
Rimes with looseM
Volkswagen's famous car modelB
Rudolph the Red-Nosed...R
Rimes with AmarilloA
Rimes with BarrettF
Has a long pig-like snout (found in Africa)A
Another name for the groundhogW
Rimes with ribbonG
The smallest birdH
Rimes with footB
Rocky the Flying...S
Hyena-looking African mammalA
Heart's 1977 hit singleB
Large seabirdA
Bullwinkle J. _______M
Earth moving equipemnt manufacturerC
A Flock of ________sS
Gelatinous sea creatureJ
Rimes with BelleG
Another name for cockR
The Simpsons' Mr. TeenyC
Most famous Australian marsupialK
Saltwater clamS
Small rodent found in the tundra and the arcticL
The _________ EffectB
Woody ____________W
Andean camelidL
Kodiak, Panda, Polar or ______ bearG
Rimes with guaranteeM
Crash and Eddie in the Ice ace movie franchiseO
Disney's Aladin's IagoP
TV show narrated by Sean Austin, _______ ManorM
Resident Evil's fictioanl city, _________ CityR
Blood-sucking creatureL
Gloria from MadagascarH
Primate with red, white, and blue featuresM
Venomous snake found in the AmericasR
Farley's and Spade's film, Black...S
Rimes with babyW
North American bird named after its callC
Transferance from the mouth to the stomachS
Female breastB
'Patience, young ____________'G
Wile E. Coyote and the....R
Pirates of the Caribbean's Jack....S
Rimes with PotterO
Small crustacean with one of the largest biomassK
Rimes with WillS
African mammal, crocs' favoriteW
Red ____ or Ferdinand the ____B
Rimes with BennettG
Nigel's in the Rio moviesC
Another name for the donkeyA
One Flew Over the _______'s NestC
Makes honeyB

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