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QUIZ: Can you name the places around the world with colors within their names?

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The World's largest island
City in Westchester County, New York
African island nation
City in Potter County, Texas
Sea between Africa and Asia
River in China; sixth longest in the world
City in San Bernardino County, California
Sea between Europe and Asia
Cities in both Carolinas
City in Cameron County, Texas
Sea in Asia, between Korea and China
Rocky Mountains U.S. state
British town which gave name to the a famous meridian
Famous mountainous region in southwest Germany
California county with Anaheim as is largest city
North Carolina third largest city
City in San Mateo County, California
City in California named after a popular citrus
City on the Irish Sea coast, England
California national park known for its giant sequoia
City in Wisconsin, home of the Packers
City in Shasta County, California
City in Essex County, New Jersey
City in Warren County, Kentucky
City in Volusia County, Florida
City in King County, Washington
City in Jackson County, Missouri
Seaport in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Capital city of the state of Acre, Brazil
The original name of the French Riviera
Capital of the Northwest Territories, Canada
The U.S. first national park
Louisiana's capital city
River that runs through Ethiopia and Sudan
Famosu residence in Washington D.C.
Famous plaza in Moscow
Yukon's capital city
One of the two main tributaries of the Nile River
The U.S. largest miilitary instalation; missile range in NM
Submarine sinkhole off the coast of Belize
Historical region of France with Dijon as its largest city

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