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Can you name the chemical elements found in pop culture?

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Fool's ______A 2008 film starred by Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson
______ MaidenHeavy metal British band
Freddy __________Frontman of British band Queen
__________ and Old LaceFrank Capra's 1944 film starred by Cary Grant
Altered ________Novel by Richard Morgan and coming up Warner Bros. film
__________A 2013 Film starred by Kyra Sedgwick and Vincent D'Onofrio
________The hound's name in The Fox and the Hound
_____fingerA 1964 Bond film
Little ________Long-running American comic strip created by Jimmy Hatlo
__________DC Universe's Superman's home planet
____ ManOne of the Marvel's Avengers
_________A 2013 video game published by Mojang
________A 2006 song by Evanescence and a 1993 song by Nirvana
_______odeonAmerican children's TV channel
_________American women's TV channel
The _____ LadyA 2011 Film starred by Meryl Streep
_____ Trees American alternative rock music band known for hit single Animals
The _____ RushCharlie Chaplin's 1925 film
Doctor _____________Supervillain in the DC Universe enemy of Batman
_________2014 Miranda Lambert's album and hit single
________ ValleyHBO's 2014 comedy series
Long John ________Main antagonist in Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island
_____ Chef AmericaAmerican cooking TV show featured in the Food Network
_____ ManCharacter in the novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
______ Linings PlaybookA 2012 Film starred by Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper
_______backCanadian pop/rock band known for single hit Photograph
________ RisingA 1998 film starred by Bruce willis and Alec Baldwin
___________2011 David Guetta's hit single featuring Sia
_______A 1988 video game published by the Bitmap Brothers
The _____ GiantA 1999 Animated film voiced by Jennifer Aniston and Harry Connick Jr.
Austin Powers in _____memberMike Myers 2002 spoof film
Quick______One of the X-Men and Marvel's Avengers twins
_______ CopyA 1981 film starred by George Segal and Susan Saint James
Rancid ____________A 2000 film starred by Rhys Ifans and Joseph Fiennes
_______ MountainA 1983 Jim Carrey film
The _____ CurtainA 1948 film starred by Dana Andrews and Gene Tierney
_____ LightsA 2013 Demi Lovato's single hit
David ______fieldCharles Dickens novel and famous Vegas illusionist
_______adoA 1985 western film starred by Kevin Kline and Scott Glenn
Woman in _______A 2015 film starred by Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds
_____ WillA 1994 live action Disney film starred by Mackenzie Austin
The Man with the ______ FistsA 2012 film starred by Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu
The Man in the ______ MaskA 1998 film starred by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jeremy Irons
Cross of ______A 1977 film starred by James Coburn and Maximilian Schell
_______ CityA 2004 film starred by Chris Cooper and Maria Bello
Fantastic 4: Rise of the _______ SurferA 2007 film starred by Jessica Alba and Chris Evans
Saving _______manA 2001 film starred by Jason Biggs and Steve Zahn
______hawksA 1986 cartoon TV show about intergalactic birds
______ SpoonsA 1982-1987 TV series starred by a young Ricky Schroder
______ RiverA 1948 film starred by Errol Flynn and Ann Sheridan
Mackenna's ______A 1969 film starred by Gregory Peck and Omar Sharif
Ulee's ______A 1997 film starred by Peter Fonda
Velvet ______mineA 1998 film starred by Ewan McGregor and Jonathan Rhys Meyers
_____enEyeA 1995 Bond film
Grid_____ GangA A 2005 film starred by Dwayne Johnson and Xzibit

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