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Can you name the movies Abbie Cornish stars in?

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Susie Porter/Marton Csokas2000
Marcus Graham/Tushka Bergen2003
Dan Spielman/Leeanna Walsman2004
Sam Worthington/Lynette Curran2004
Heath Ledger/Geoffrey Rush2006
Russell Crowe/Albert Finney2006
Cate Blanchett/Clive Owen2007
Ryan Phillippe/Joseph Gordon-Levitt2008
Ben Whishaw/Paul Schneider2009
Jim Sturgess/Paul Weaving2010
Bradley Cooper/Robert de Niro2011
Emily Browning/Carla Gugino2011
James D'Arcy/Andrea Riseborough2011
Will Patton/Luci Christian2012
Colin Farrell/Woody Harrelson2012
Gary Oldman/Samuel L. Jackson2014
Colin Farrell/Anthony Hopkins2014

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